Regular Classroom Programs

Technical Education Programmes

In the modern age Technical Education is the only sector which can provide employment to the common youth. VIDYASATHI is determined to provide the best quality education in the field of Computer Basic Training, Computer Hardware, Basic Networking, Advanced Networking, etc. More than Thousand Students already achieved their career after taking the Education from our centers.

Teachers Training Course

Vidyasathi Teachers Training Programme is one of the finest vertical of our organisation.  Teacher’s Training is Completely Technical Course, where we teach the complete  learning techniques to a student  to become a teacher after the completion of the course. Vidyasathi Teachers’ Training Course  is completely Project base Practical training, Our uniqueness is our Teaching Methodology which is most scientific and at per to serve the Modern Teaching Tequnics for the school students.  For these reason out Students are mostly established in the renowned  Schools in Kolkata. We have Three Step modules in Teachers’ Training Devision.

Techno Management Programmes

Techno Management Programmes are the most prominent part of Vidyasathi Education.  Techno Management is most advanced study in the world to grab the career opportunities in all the sectors of modern market. It influences the managerial capability of a person to achieve the highest efficiency with the help of modern technique. Techno Management can also be defined as the integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of products, processes and services, to get the best outcomes with the help of modern techniques. Techno Management students are trained in information technology, Management Philosophy, System Development, and Modern Business Strategy. So they can serve the industry with their innovative skill and planning to get the best result. There is a enormous scope of development in this career opportunity. One can be the top Management official from the root level by his own skill. Our endeavour is to show the right path to the students to start their career in the field of Techno Management.